Personalize Nutrition Coaching Programs: 

8 Week Program

8 sessions

The EDGE FN 8 sessions program is perfect of those looking to invest in more substantial skills based lifestyle changes around health and nutrition. Eight one on one coaching session can be used in supporting a variety of skills in order to adopt better, healthier habits around food in everyday life or to specifically support your training. 


12 Week Program

12 sessions

The EDGE FN 12 sessions program is ideal for anyone looking to foster a better understanding of nutrients in relation to diet to support weight management. This program is also great for those looking to support their specific training goals with adequate nutrition throughout, for the best competition day results. 


24 Week Program

24 sessions

The EDGE FN 24 sessions program is designed for individuals looking to see more substantial changes in their dietary habits and overall understanding and relationship with food and nutrition. This program is also ideal for those investing time in more structured and intensive training programs, where nutrition will play a key role in optimizing on your training gains. 


One-off Consultation

1 hour - one on one consultation

 A one-off consultation can provide basic nutritional advice, a review of current dietary intake and habits or give support in sport nutrition, including pre, during and post workout nutrition as well and fuelling on race day.

ProCoach - Online

Online coaching with regular online check-ins and the option of once monthly face-to face meetings (FaceTime, Skype or in person).

More information about the ProCoach online program can be found here: